Faucet Features To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

Faucet Features To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is an important room for many households across the nation. It is a location where food is cooked, family members build lasting bonds, and cherished memories are created. Unfortunately, not all kitchens are spacious and beautiful though. In fact, some people barely even have the room to open the refrigerator and stove doors at the same time. Cabinet and countertop storage is limited to say the very least, and homeowners are forced to stockpile their food or small appliances in other areas. For instance, it is not uncommon to see hallway closets, garages, or utility rooms crammed full of toasters, blenders, and more when kitchen storage is minimal.


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Not everyone is sold on the idea of remodeling though. People are hesitant about letting strangers come into their home, and a remodel requires a substantial amount of traffic to travel in and out of the structure. For example, plumbers, electricians, tile professionals, and carpenters are some of the specialists that will be needed to give your kitchen a makeover. Our team is family owned and operated, has been serving Crofton residents since 1971, and we go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. Don’t neglect your family from having the room they deserve and want any longer. Instead, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.


Faucet Features To Think About For Your Remodel


1. Pull-Out Spray

While they still make faucets with a side-mounted pull out spray design, more and more customers are turning to models that allow the wand to become removed from the spout itself. The heads usually have function buttons that enable the water to flow in different ways, which can be beneficial for filling up pots, washing dishes, or even just rinsing out the sink. Some units have a lower flow rate than others, so do some research and ask for recommendations before making the purchase.

2. Touch Technology

Many brands are coming out with faucets that only require a person tap the spout for the water to turn on or off. This aspect is beneficial for when your hands are dirty, and it prevents gunky buildup from accumulating on the lever. Additionally, by the handle staying in a fixed position, many accidental scalding incidents will be avoided.

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