Five Kitchen Trends That Will Pass The Test Of Time

Five Kitchen Trends That Will Pass The Test Of Time

We all want the latest and greatest in kitchen design. However, if we implement too many trends, our kitchen will become dated quickly. Kitchen models are a big investment, so you don’t want to pour money into something that in a few years will be out of style and you’ll have to redo. Fortunately, there are some trends in kitchen design that will stand the test of time. If you incorporate these designs, your kitchen will be fresh and modern but will also still look great a couple years from now.

1. White Cabinets

White cabinets could not be more popular right now. In the past white was avoided in the kitchen because it was difficult to clean. However, with new cabinet surfacing techniques, modern cabinets are easy to wipe down. White cabinets brighten up a kitchen space and as a classic neutral color, will still be on trend in years to come.

2. Quartz Countertops

Countertops are often the guiltiest culprit of trend violations. Quartz countertops are extremely popular right now, but they are quickly turning from a trend to a kitchen staple. That’s because unlike other countertop options, quartz is incredible durable and stands up to cuts, scratches, and dents better than any other counter material. This high functionality will keep quartz popular well into the future.

3. Touch Faucets

What first seemed like a tech-fad is quickly becoming a staple of modern kitchens. Touch faucets are great in the kitchen because it keeps your faucet clean when you need to wash food off your hands. This mess-free device is absolutely a worthwhile long-term investment in your kitchen.

4. Stylish Storage

Storage is everything in a kitchen and modern designers have found new ways to incorporate stylish design elements into kitchen storage spaces. These stylish solutions are great because they maximize the space of any kitchen while still looking great. As kitchens get smaller in the future with more people opting for condo and apartment living, you can expect to see this trend continue.

5. Commercial-Grade Appliances

Stainless steel has been the biggest appliance trend, but that trend actually started by people using commercial-grade appliances in their kitchen. So even as stainless steel fades from consumer appliances, commercial-grade equipment will still be in the kitchens of the most dedicated chefs. So they will continue to be a safe bet.

For other ways to incorporate the latest trends into your kitchen design, without creating a recipe for an outdated kitchen in a few years, talk to the design experts at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths. We can help you get the modern look you want, with the timeless style your budget needs.