Floored by New Floors – Remodeling Your Home

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So you’ve picked out the appliances that you’ve always wanted for your new, remodeled kitchen. You love the new garden tub that you picked out for your updated bathroom. And the cabinets in both areas are exquisite. Now comes the daunting task of picking out just the right flooring to pull it all together.

A Functional Option in the Kitchen

Since your kitchen is going to get a whole lot of use and heavy traffic, laminate flooring is always a great option. Before you think back to the 1970’s when laminate looked a lot different, you must know that times have most definitely changed. Of course laminate is still very affordable and budget-friendly. It’s still durable beyond belief and can withstand spills from kids and pets and there is no sealing or special waxing required. But best of all, today’s laminate comes in an amazingly beautiful variety of designs and textures. You can even have your underlayment specially designed to make your laminate sound like hardwood when walked on! Armstrong carries a line of flooring that mimics the look of distressed wood, traditional wood, and even stone-like textures that will fool your guests into thinking you spent a fortune.

Bathroom Beauties

Vinyl is making a comeback in the bathroom. You can get the look of ceramic tiles, without grout, at a fraction of the cost. Plus, ceramic tiles can be up to 20 degrees colder than vinyl, which can be uncomfortable when you get out of a hot shower. Alterna offers a line of luxury vinyl tiles that look just like stone, and come in many different shades and multiple patterns that will make your bathroom look high-end. And sheet vinyl is water resistant and comfortable on the feet, which is a must as very few of use wear our shoes into the bathroom. It also comes in multiple designs that can look like hardwood or stone.

Your flooring is of utmost importance to us at Cardigan, and we know that how you live must be taken into consideration when it comes to picking a material when remodeling your home. Talk to our design professionals who can find out what your floors will go through, what designs you like, and strike a perfect balance between the two for your kitchen or bathroom.

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