Flooring And Countertop Combinations For A Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

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When having your kitchen remodeled, you’ll want to make sure that the entire area looks great, and by taking into consideration how a flooring and countertop combination will look as a whole, you can do just that. When a guest stands at the outside of your kitchen looking in, you want to make sure they see a combination that works flawlessly together, and we at Cardigan can make it happen. There are some countertop options that work very well with flooring for aesthetics and function, and there is always a place that you can start!


The first place you should start is your color scheme, and the most popular way to do this is to choose two colors which complement each other and a third color to be used as an accent. These colors can be incorporated in the tile of the flooring, the material of the countertop, the paint on the walls, or small accent décor pieces, and they can make a huge impact on the ease you have in choosing a winning flooring and contertop design. If you’re looking for modern and edgy, a great combination is black and white with an accent of red, and if you’re wanting something a little more rustic or traditional, try a tan and cream combination with hints of green.


Next, you’ll want to choose the material used in your countertops first, as this will typically be the first area a person sees at eye-level when they look into your kitchen. Some popular choices are marble, silestone, granite, or tile, and take a piece along with you when you next go to look at flooring. With your countertops, you should take into account the type of finish you’re working with, and try to match it with the flooring option you choose. If you choose something matte, go with matte flooring, and if you’re picking glossy, try to find a flooring option that has the same shining effect.


At Cardigan, our professionals can help you to choose all of the best materials when building a kitchen that will really wow your guests, and we can even help you to draft out a color scheme that works well with the rest of your home. No matter your personal tastes, there is a way to craft a dream kitchen that you can be proud of. If you’re looking to give your kitchen an aesthetic face-lift, simply call us today at Cardigan to get started!

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