No More Flooding, Call A Master Plumber

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Now that summer is long gone and fall is next on the list to go, Maryland residents are facing down the cold of winter. Unless you are a ski enthusiast or someone who loves to be outdoors in the cold and snow, the best thing about winter is warm nights by the fire and hot cocoa to sip while catching up on reading or television shows. Of course, winter is also the best time to catch up on those indoor projects that you have put off since the beginning of summer. Though some projects are for fun or decorative purposes, but there are some projects that should be considered that could actually save you and your home from possible damage and destruction.

Winter is the best time to be sure that your home is protected from potential flooding. Many factors can contribute to the flooding of your basement, including:

  • Sloped terrain directed toward the home
  • Poor sealing of basement walls
  • A backed up sewage system
  • Blocked gutters or eaves troughs
  • Downspouts too close to foundation
  • Sump pump failure

When it rains and it pours, your basement could be the unlucky recipient of water damage. Just how much damage you get depends on how much water gets in and stays in. Repairs from water damage can be costly; up to $10,000 for a few inches of flooding all the way up to $50,000 as the water gets higher.

Protect Your Investment

The good thing is, you can protect yourself from this damage by taking a few proactive steps before the snow thaws and the spring rains come. Installing a sump pump can keep your basement dry even as the water makes attempts to come in. The pump is installed in the lowest part of the basement and works by taking the incoming water and pumping it away from the home. If you already have a sump pump, be sure to have it serviced regularly so you can make sure that it is up and running at top speed. You might also consider installing a second one to give yourself double the protection in times of need.

At Cardigan, our experienced Master Plumbers can help you with all matters related to your sump pump. We can install a pump if you need one, we can inspect and repair the one you already have, or we can put in a second system to keep you extra safe. With three generations of Master Plumbers and a reputation of exceptional service, we’ll help keep your basement dry, and keep you worry-free, this spring. Give us a call to set up an appointment, and then get back to your hot cocoa.

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