Four Bathroom Remodels Investors Should Avoid

Four Bathroom Remodels Investors Should Avoid

For people who are in the business of selling properties for profit, return on investment is one of the primary concerns. It’s a given that a home that’s just been purchased for resale is going to have some remodeling going on to boost the final sale price. However, it’s just as important to make sure that the money spent on remodeling doesn’t spiral out of control so quickly that the sale of a home is a loss, not a profit.

This is why when it comes to bathrooms, there are four remodeling decisions that investors should probably stay away from in the interests of a safe, cost-effective renovation.

Adding A Bathroom

Improving existing bathrooms is always a great, cost-effective way to raise property values. However, the decision to add a new bathroom entirely should be avoided if you’re aiming for profit. The cost of getting new plumbing installed, new electrical wiring, tearing down walls, and putting in the new fixtures doesn’t boost the value of a home as much as it could for the costs involved in creating a brand new room.

Large Bathtubs

They look impressive in photos, and during open houses, but the cost of buying, installing, and often remodeling bathrooms to ensure a proper fit for larger bathtubs often eats into the overall ROI of a property sale. It’s one of those instances where some people may be drawn to a home with a larger tub, but if you had to pay yourself to put that tub in, strictly for profit, the cost is eating away at your potential profits.

White On White Décor

Not all colors are created equal, and while the decision to create a white on white bathroom can initially look sparkling clean and spacious, this can also be a very high maintenance decision. This type of bathroom color choice is going to show its wear and tear far faster than other decorating choices. This remodeling choice for bathrooms doesn’t necessarily impact the return on investment since the color choice is rarely a big expense. However, it can have a huge impact on the number of buyers who may opt out due to how “high maintenance” white on white bathrooms tend to be by reputation.

Metal & Subway Tile Finishes

Some kind of metal finishes, such as nickel/chrome is now officially phasing out of fashionability, so investors are encouraged to stay away from these choices to avoid having a bathroom that already looks dated, even though it’s new. In a similar vein, the once popular “subway tile” finish for bathrooms is now also feeling less stylish and modern. If you’re interested in making sure that your bathrooms retain a more trendy, modern look for prospective buyers, stay away from these choices.

It’s always important to remember when you’re renovating for profit that you have to strike a balance between cost versus property value and ease of sale. Of course, if you’re doing a remodeling strictly for yourself, then it’s not about the cost, so much as the happiness, it brings to your home.