Four Cost-Effective Kitchen Remodel Choices That Add More Value

Four Cost-Effective Kitchen Remodel Choices That Add More Value

For anyone thinking of getting some kitchen remodel design work done, one of the biggest issues is ensuring you get some return on your investment. Of course, this depends a lot on the goal. For some, ROI means finally having the kitchen you’ve always wanted with looks and features customized just for you. For others, ROI means making additions that increase a home’s value or sales appeal.

If you’re concerned about the latter kind of kitchen remodel design, here are four cost-effective remodeling choices that give you a better return on your investment for financial purposes.

Build A Backsplash

It’s not one of the first things people think about when looking at kitchen improvements, but at the same time, a backsplash is an essential feature. Like the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the few areas of the home that will see a lot of water usage, as well as creating different fluids like soups, sauces, and even dispensing drinks from a glass of milk to fruit juice.

This creates more moisture in the air, but it primarily makes more potential for these liquids to fly into the air and settle down. A backsplash protects the wall where cooking and food preparation occurs, providing a distinctive look and a durable, easy-to-clean barrier. Backsplashes are neither expensive nor effort/time intensive to install but are often highly sought after in kitchens.


This area can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of big-ticket items like cabinets and appliances. Lighting is crucial for a kitchen. It’s important for meal preparation, especially at night, if daylight isn’t available, but it can also be important for other activities. Kitchens often serve as multipurpose rooms, with household members sometimes doing things like studying or even after-hours work in the kitchen along with some food.

Clear, well-distributed lighting is important for all parts of the kitchen. This is especially important in the counter and stove areas if the stove has no lighting systems. Some additional lighting for these areas is always considered good value and makes a kitchen more appealing.

New Water Fixtures

One of the fastest ways to “date” a kitchen is through the appliances, such as water fixtures. A new sink and faucet, however, can be great ways to revitalize the look of a kitchen as well as add to its lifespan. The sink is essential for food preparation and, in some cases, dishwashing if there’s no dishwashing appliance.

Adding a new sink and faucet is a cost-effective way to give a kitchen a facelift and add value.

Get New Appliances

Appliances are one of the most visible things in any kitchen, and it’s easy to see how old a kitchen may be from the appearance of older appliances. Swapping out old stoves and fridges for newer models increases the value of a kitchen, and for sales purposes, it makes a kitchen even more appealing since it eliminates the need for buyers to get their own.

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