Four Kitchen Features That Have A High Return On Investment

Four Kitchen Features That Have A High Return On Investment

One of the most sought after features of a home is a modern, up-to-date kitchen. Whether you are looking to sell your house now or down the road, investing a kitchen upgrade can have a big return. However, in order to get your money back or even make money a kitchen remodel, you need to invest in features that have a high value of return. Here are four features worth the investment:


1. Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are hugely popular and can often make or break the sale of the house. If you are looking to use a solid-state countertop, you’re best bet is to invest in a style that looks like granite.


2. Functional Cabinet Storage:


No matter the size of your kitchen, storage is crucial. Adding functional storage features like a pull out pantry, built-in drawer organizers, and cabinet drawers and turnstiles can have a big return. Consider any cabinet feature that maximizes the space, facilitates easy access, and improves organization.


3. Lighting:


Bright kitchens feel more open and inviting and grab the interest of potential buyers. If you don’t have much natural light in your kitchen, think strategically on how you can add extra lighting to the space. Consider bright overhead lighting, under-the-counter lighting, and task lighting to brighten a dark kitchen and highlight it’s great features.


4. Energy Efficient Appliances:


Energy efficient appliances add value to a home by reducing the monthly utility costs. People love saving money and their interest will be piqued when they learn that their costs of living will go down when they buy your home. Look for energy star rated appliances when making your purchase.

At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths we understand how to add value to your home during your kitchen remodel and offer a variety of great options that will have a big return on your investment. Speak to one of our knowledgeable design professionals to learn more.