Four Reasons To Have A Kitchen Range

Maryland Contractors - Four Reasons To Have A Kitchen Range

Suppose you’re working with Maryland contractors to remodel your kitchen. In that case, you’re probably thinking of the big-ticket items first, like cabinets. But there’s one essential feature you shouldn’t skimp on, and that’s a range hood. Here’s why every kitchen should have one.

Healthier Environment

Cooking releases particles into the air, which we can smell as food or see as smoke. However, these particles aren’t always healthy for us, and this is especially true of accidents happen and something burns. Range hoods effectively remove smoke and other cooking excesses from the immediate area, making it safer for everyone to breathe.

Easier Clean Up

In addition to smoke and smell, one of the other particles that cooking releases into the air are oil and grease. With a range hood, these particles are quickly sucked up and moved outside the home. Without a range, these particles settle down in layers on the kitchen itself, on the walls, appliances, and counters, making clean up more difficult than it needs to be.

Better Light

A range is designed to sit directly over the stove, making it ideal for the placement of lights. A well-lit stove area is a much easier “work station” to operate in since now users have a clear, well-lit, unobstructed view of the cooking area. Without this kind of light placement, people using a stove must rely on less convenient, indirect lighting to see what they are doing.

More Value

Finally, the absence of a range hood is something that potential buyers notice. When a range hood is there, that’s one more check-off-the-box of things people look for when considering buying a home. This raises the appeal of your home and contributes to keeping the overall property value higher as well.

So if you’re working with Maryland contractors to remodel your kitchen and it doesn’t have a range hood, consider making this addition to your home.