Four Types Of Cabinets To Add Extra Storage To Your Maryland Bathroom

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Finding storage space in even a large bathroom can be challenging. However, with custom-built cabinetry, you can get all the storage space your family need. Outside of the sink vanity, there are some other cabinetry options that can be installed to house all of your toiletries and linens. Here are four storage types of cabinets to consider for your bathroom remodel:


1. Medicine Cabinets


When most people think of medicine cabinets, they think of the small wall-mounted plastic cabinets. However, medicine cabinets have come a long way and come in a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and materials. These over the sink storage cabinets require expert installation but can house all of your toiletries.


2. Over The Toilet Cabinets


An often overlooked space is the area above the toilet. This area can be filled with cabinetry that can provide extra storage. With cabinets built to match your vanity, this area can be a stylish part of your design as well. If the toilet is close to the bathtub or shower, over the toilet cabinetry can be wonderful for storing towels. There are a variety of different kinds of over the toilet storage such as alcoves, freestanding cabinetry, and wall-mounted.


3. Linen Closets


Linen closets take advantage of the vertical space in the bathroom. Linen closets can be built into the vanity or the wall. They can also be a standalone piece of cabinetry. With a smart bathroom design, you can easily fit a linen closet into any sized bathroom.


4. Vanity Niche Cabinets


Vanity niche cabinets are similar to a medicine cabinet. However, instead of being behind the mirror, they flank the mirror on both sides. These niches can provide open shelving or can be tucked away behind cabinet doors that match your vanity. Niche cabinetry paired with a linen closet can also be a great look.

In order to really get the most storage out of your bathroom, you need custom cabinetry built to optimize the space available. At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we specialize in custom-built cabinetry. We can make sure that your bathroom remodeling reflects both your family’s storage needs and your personal style. Call us today to learn how these and other custom-built cabinet options can give you more space.