Future Proof Your Bathroom With Accessibility Features

Future Proofing During Your Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland

If you’re old enough to be a homeowner and thinking of bathroom remodeling in Maryland, then you’re likely old enough to notice a decline in your parents. As a child, your parents may have seemed healthy, fit, and indestructible, but as they’ve gotten older, they’ve become frail and less mobile.

Of course, this is just a natural result of the aging process, but it’s something that will happen to you if it isn’t already. This is why, if you’re thinking about getting bathroom remodeling in Maryland, adding accessibility features may not be thinking too far ahead.

What Is Accessibility?

Typical bathrooms are made in a “default mode,” making certain assumptions. These assumptions are usually things like a person using the bathroom walks unaided and has no trouble standing up and sitting down. However, while good for the general population, these same assumptions are not ideal for the aging or disabled population.

An elderly resident who needs support to stand from a sitting position, for example, may fall and be seriously injured just from an attempt to stand up after using the toilet. Similarly, climbing over a bathtub to take a shower may be difficult or impossible for someone who needs a walker or a wheelchair to move.

Accessibility features mean additions to a bathroom such as handles to grip, lowering the height of sinks for easier access for wheelchair users. It may even involve adding handles to bathtubs or shower stalls, or even adding doors to bathtubs, or replacing tubs with shower stalls.

Adding More Years

Accessibility features in a bathroom play a crucial role for the elderly or disabled. They allow people who want to remain in their homes the freedom to do so. A widespread reason for the elderly being transplanted to a retirement home is because the bathroom situation is no longer tenable for their physical requirements. This type of bathroom remodeling in Maryland, however, makes it possible again.