Is A Garbage Disposal The Right Investment For You

Is A Garbage Disposal The Right Investment For You


A garbage disposal can add value to an apartment. This can often be a selling point for landlords. The convenience that it adds to the life of the tenant, is often worth paying a little extra for. However, that extra cash flow can also be a headache at times. If proper maintenance is not performed, on a regular basis, blades can become dull, resulting in clogged drain lines. Our plumbers can teach you techniques to keep your disposals better maintained, but in many instances, landlords often decide disposals are not worth the headache.

Tenants that are not properly provided with instructions on how to use a disposal, often put items in that do not belong. Items such as pennies, spoons, and even glass have been found in jammed garbage disposals. We can properly install garbage disposals, as well as take them out. Re-configuring a drain, under your kitchen sink, is no problem for our licensed plumbers, and keeping you completely satisfied is our priority.

Use Plenty Of Water

Anyone using a garbage disposal should allow plenty of water to flow down the disposal, along with the food. This allows the food to be properly chopped up by the blades, which results in fewer stoppages. Another tip for keeping your disposal drains clean is to limit the amount of food allowed into the disposal at one time. Often, without even thinking about it, we simply flip the switch, cut on the water, and dump our leftovers.

If you are a frequent user of the garbage disposal, our plumbers can help you decide which size disposal you need. A disposal with more horsepower is often needed for extensive use. This will ensure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. So, if you are considering a garbage disposal, let our representatives help you decide if it is the right investment for you.

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