A Garbage Disposal Unit In Your Sink: Yes Or No?

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While it’s not very common in many other parts of the world, about 50% of the homes in the USA have a garbage disposal unit installed in the kitchen sink. If you’re not one of that 50%, and you’re remodeling your kitchen, including Odenton MD plumbing services, is this something you want to look into? Here’s what such a unit can do for your home.

No More Smelly Trash

A garbage disposal unit built into your sink is a series of blades designed to shred leftover food into as small pieces as possible. This way, once the food flows down the pipes and into your home’s sewage pipe, it joins the rest of the collection in the sewer as liquid waste.

Using a garbage disposal unit means that you no longer have to worry about putting out uneaten food in a trash can. Normally, food in garbage containers will either start to smell very bad after a few days or, worse yet, lure raccoons and other scavengers looking for a free, easy meal.

Not All Food Works

Of course, while a garbage disposal installed by an expert plumbing service is intended to make getting rid of leftovers easier, not all food is recommended for such a unit. Bones, for example, are always advised to be thrown away, as they can jam or even damage the blades of the unit. Food that expands after exposure to moisture, such as pasta, may sometimes also cause trouble if too much is disposed of, and it catches in the pipe, continuing to expand and even blocking your water pipe.

Ultimately the inclusion of a garbage disposal unit in the sink of your home is a question of convenience. If you’d like an easier, faster, smell-free way to get rid of leftover food, think about including a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen remodel!