Getting The Kitchen Floors You Want

Kitchen Remodeling Companies: Update Kitchen Floors

While it’s true that kitchen cabinets take up the highest cost when planning for a kitchen remodel, it is the kitchen floor that is often the unsung hero of the remodeling project. For best results, kitchen floors should be installed by professional kitchen remodeling companies, as there are other considerations to think of, such as plumbing and even electrical wiring placement sometimes.

But if you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to put a lot of thought into what kind of floor you want. The kitchen is a special room in the home, and the floor needs to reflect its unique needs and challenges. So here’s what you should be looking for when you plan your kitchen floors.


Before anything else, homeowners should seriously look at how easy a floor is to clean. The kitchen is the room in the home that receives more “abuse” than any other. If it’s connected to the backdoor, for example, people may even be coming in and out of the kitchen going outside or back inside.

Beyond that, the kitchen is where food preparation occurs, so meats, sauces, water, and high-temperature foods and fluids are all present. This means accidents can happen, and if a floor looks great but is difficult to clean, or even permanently stains, that can mean an expensive repair or replacement, instead of simply wiping the stain away.


Because kitchen floors take more abuse, their longevity is also a consideration. It’s one thing to spill some water, milk, or wine that is easily wiped or mopped up. It’s another thing entirely if a knife is dropped, chips the floor, or leaves a scratch.

Think carefully about how long you want your floors to last and what kind of spills and impacts they’ll deal with.


The kind of life you have—or plan to have—will also play a role in what type of kitchen floor you need. If you’re only occasionally cooking and mostly relegate the kitchen to a conversation space with a lot of heavy microwave use, your floor can be cheaper. If cooking is a major passion, and you plan to use the kitchen a lot over the day, take this into account.

The Look

Many people make the mistake of looking at this factor first, but it should often be one of the last things on your list. For example, kitchen remodeling companies can install any floor you want, but your choice of rustic, stylish, or minimalist may not match what you need your floor to do. Always determine functionality first and consider the looks available within that framework.

Materials To Discuss With Kitchen Remodeling Companies

This, of course, will play a significant role in the final cost of your kitchen floor, as well as shape the look. If you go with vinyl, that will be cheaper, provide many different options for styles, and may even be warmer to walk on. However, wood is often a popular but more expensive choice. Stone tile is another popular choice, but, while durable, it is a colder material as well unless you invest in a floor warming system.

Whatever your choice, always go over it with your kitchen remodeling companies.