Getting To Know Our Cardigan Process

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If you’re having a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or plumbing upgrade performed on your home, you’re probably going to have a lot of questions. These are big projects and investments in the quality and look of your space, so the concern is simply natural. At Cardigan, we use a simple process to undertake all of our remodeling and upgrading jobs, and we want to break this process down for you so you’ll know what to expect when you call us!

First, we’ll provide you with a consultation and estimate. During this initial consultation, we’ll work together to discuss your plans for your remodel or upgrade, and we’ll help you to take your dream idea and turn it into a vision you can see. Using your ideas and plans, we’ll then come up with a high-quality estimate that will allow you to know just how much your planned remodel or upgrade is going to cost. We know how important it is to budget properly for remodels and upgrades, which is why we go over each detail with you and provide estimates you can rely on.

After the initial consultation and estimate, our designers will take over, and we’ll start taking your vision and turning it into a reality. Going over each and every detail with you, our designers will pay attention to each and every detail to ensure what you have in your mind will be what you’ll have in your new kitchen, bathroom, or plumbing remodel.

Once the designs have been crafted and approved, the construction process will begin, and your new home upgrade will begin taking shape. Depending on your choice of remodel or upgrade, this process can vary in time, but our professional craftsmen will care for every detail as your new space is being constructed.

Lastly, we’ll have our punch-list and final inspection. During the course of this very last step of the process, we’ll walk through your new space with you and make sure everything is up to your standards, and exactly what you wished for. Each detail will be poured over, and you’ll be able to give the project your final seal of approval.

We like to keep our process simple, interactive, and convenient at Cardigan, and this is to ensure you’re able to upgrade your home under your control and to your own standards. If you’ve been considering a kitchen, bathroom, or plumbing remodel, simply call us for a consultation to begin the process today!

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