Give Your Old Shower A New Feel

Is your shower looking tired and dated? Are you wishing for one of those fancy bathrooms that you are always seeing? Well this may be the time. A few small changes can take your bathroom from antique to a retreat. Cardigan Kitchens and Baths can help you to get there.

Shower Head

First off, how old is your shower head? Shower heads are one of the most neglected places in your home. All the dirt, bacteria, minerals and water treatment chemicals can build up in your shower head, leaving you with a less-than-pleasant shower. Shower heads should be cleaned regularly at the very least, but once the holes become too blocked up, the water pressure will start to diminish, making for a less effective shower. There are a lot of great showerhead models on the market today that will help you reduce water waste and are more efficient than their older counterparts.


If you shower is boring you every morning, you might want to consider some custom tile work. New tiles and colors can give your shower a whole new feel, leaving you to enjoy the beauty instead of dreading the same boring routine. A small amount of decorative tile as a backsplash can add a sense of drama to your bathroom, while an all-over pattern can give you a bold look.

Add A Separate Shower

Is your shower in your tub? Consider remodeling your bathroom to include a separate shower and tub. There is nothing more luxurious than getting in a bathtub where everyone else’s grimy feel haven’t been standing all day. A separate shower and bathtub area will give your bathroom the feeling like you are in a spa, and not in your own home. The feeling of luxury will be all yours.

A bathroom remodel can take your boring, everyday routine to a whole new level of excitement. Start enjoying your mornings again with a totally redesigned shower, complete with spa feel. Cardigan Kitchens and Baths can help you achieve your dream bathroom with a few simple steps. Contact us today so we can help you get started.

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