Give Yourself The Gift Of A Remodeled Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

Now that Thanksgiving has passed us by, you might be thinking about Christmas, all of the shopping, all of the baking, all of the entertaining. These are wonderful things to look forward to! But what if you realized something over Thanksgiving? What if you missed out on family conversations and togetherness because you were stuck in your small and closed-off kitchen? And what if you discovered how old your oven really is because it took a lot longer for that turkey to roast than it should have? And let’s not even talk about your counter space, or rather, lack there of? What if you realized that your kitchen is just way too small, too cluttered, and too outdated to enjoy entertaining? If visions of holiday baking with the family have floated away because of your ancient kitchen, maybe it’s time to give yourself an early gift; a kitchen makeover.

Better Start Now

True, Christmas will be here before you know it and there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a brand-new kitchen by Christmas day as a lot of the timing depends on what you want. However, you can look forward to having a beautiful new kitchen by the time Easter rolls around. Plenty of counter space for the kids to dye eggs, plenty of room for the baking, plenty of room to entertain. And by next Thanksgiving, you’ll be glad that you took care of the problem before you ended up being the turkey stuck alone in the kitchen.

At Cardigan, brother-sister-duo and owners Jim and Kim want to make your house into a home. They have many years of experience in this family-owned operation doing exactly what you need when it comes to a remodel. From the design to the plumbing, they can help you with all facets of the project. Why go to several different places to get what you need when the majority of it can be done at Cardigan? Cabinets, flooring, they’ve got it all. Why not give them a call and see what they can do for you this season?

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