Go For Convenience In Your Kitchen Remodel

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You don’t have to fit into the kitchen that came with your house just because it is there. Recently, kitchen designers have made a lot of improvements to storage solutions and ways to improve the function and flow of your kitchen for the better. If you are having trouble fitting all of your stuff into your kitchen, it may be time to consider building a kitchen to fit your needs instead of the other way around.

Trash Disposal

When planning out where your trash will go, think about convenience. Placing your trash under the sink is a classic choice, but it isn’t as convenient as some other options. It’s true that it is tucked away under the sink, but you could also tuck it away under the counter where you do a lot of your food preparation and make it easy to swipe the food scraps right into the garbage. If you put in in the counter, you can afford to have a bigger garbage can, or you could consider installing a slide out cutting board right above the garbage can, making things even easier for prep.

Pot Racks

Don’t spend another minute trying to rifle through your pots and pans. When you are rebuilding your kitchen, install a storage system for your pots. If you don’t have the space to hang them somewhere, find a way to put sliding racks in one of your cabinets that will help you keep your pans organized in a system.

Go For An Island

An island provides a lot of options for storage and food preparation. It adds counter space and more cabinets that you can use for tons of options. Put your garbage can in the island too and it will be tucked out of the way but still accessible. Islands can also provide extra seating options built right into your counter space which is good for family eating and hosting events.

Built In Appliances

Don’t let small appliances take up valuable counter space. Install them under your cabinets, or down in your island to take advantage of keeping your countertops as clutter free as possible. Toaster ovens are another appliance that can be hung from your cabinets. If you are a big wine drinker, you could consider adding a wine fridge to your island for storage, and you’ll have wine on hand whenever you want, ready to drink.

Custom Cabinets

Building the cabinets to fix your needs is much more convenient than trying to shove all of your stuff in pre-built cabinets. You can get your kitchen set up just the way you want it, with the right racks for all of your stuff. Build the cabinets to fit your plates, and your needs. Add extra storage drawers for your favorite spices, and even build in a wine rack for your wine collection. You name it, we can install it.

Cardigan Kitchens can help you redesign the kitchen of your dreams. No more overflowing cabinets and a lack of storage needed. We can help you plan and draw out the cabinets and the island that fit your needs and your family’s needs. Give us a call today and get started on the way to a kitchen that works for all your needs.