Handling Frozen Pipes With A Plumbing Services Provider

Handling Frozen Pipes With A Plumbing Services Provider

While Maryland doesn’t get the same nor’easter horror stories of huge snowstorms or the perennial cold of Canada, that doesn’t mean it never gets cold in the region. Snow can—and does—occasionally fall in the state, though not necessarily all over it. Because it gets cool, does it mean there’s any risk of water pipes freezing in this region? And if so, can a plumbing services provider do anything about it?

Frozen Pipes: What Causes Them

We all know that water freezes when the temperature drops below a certain level. However, while water freezing in a pipe may seem inconvenient, it can be far more serious.

As water freezes, it expands. If water freezes in a pipe, that small space may not be able to restrain the expansion, resulting in a leak or even a burst once water melts back into liquid.

It’s crucial to note that the freezing point of water is 32 degrees, but in the practical context of home plumbing, the danger zone is more realistically around 20 degrees. A few days of such temperatures, and it only takes 6-8 hours for water pipes to freeze.

What To Do With Frozen Pipes

Prevention is often the best medicine, and one way to enjoy total peace of mind, regardless of the weather, is to invest in insulation for water pipes. This is a protective layer that covers the water pipes and, much like a sewer line, protects against the cold and allows the water to flow regardless of how cold it gets outside.

There are a variety of insulation methods at different price points to help facilitate this. These include heat tape and self-sealing foam insulation.

In the unfortunate scenario where your pipes decide to embrace the winter chill and freeze up, you can still handle the issue before it turns into a plumbing nightmare. Act quickly and reach out to a plumbing services provider. Seasoned professionals armed with specialized equipment will defrost your pipes and melt the trapped water efficiently.

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