Why Is Hard Water A Problem?

Why Is Hard Water A Problem?

Hard water is more than just an annoyance when it comes to fixtures in your home. It can also cause a wealth of problems. If you’ve never had to live with it, then you may not understand. But anyone who lives in a region with hard water will know what we are talking about. Let’s take a look at the ways that hard water can affect your home and your appliances.


Hard water is caused by mineral deposits that occur naturally in your water. These minerals leave behind a scale on everything. Shower doors, faucets, shower heads, washing machines and more experience this mineral residue left behind. It is harmless, but it doesn’t look nice and it can interfere with the function of your shower heads and faucets by blocking up the spray.


Hard water can leave your clothes feeling dingy and not exactly clean. White clothes may not appear as bright as they once did, leaving your closet looking a little grungy. There are additives that you can throw into your laundry cycle to help combat the residue, but really in the end, the only way to solve the problem is by installing filters in the whole house. If you experience hard water, your machine will also probably need regular cleanings to remove any build up beyond the surface.


We’ve already talked about how the shower head can become clogged up by the mineral residue left behind from the hard water. This might mean that your shower spray goes in all different directions, or that it comes out as just a trickle. You can try soaking the shower head in vinegar to remove some of the buildup, but there is no guarantee that it will remove everything. There are filters that you can attach to your showerhead that can help to remove some of the minerals before they get to your shower head. Taking a shower in hard water can leave you feeling slimy and less clean that when you started.

If you are experiencing hard water problems, give Cardigan Kitchens a call. We specialize in plumbing issues and can help you install a hard water filter for your whole house. That will help to eliminate the problem once and for all. We are just a phone call away!