Have Your Plumbing Inspected For These Reasons

Have Your Plumbing System Inspected For These Reasons

Unless there is an issue with a person’s plumbing system, they seldom think about water lines, toilets, drains, or faucets. However, small problems can cause substantial damages over time, and eventually, they become significant matters that require immediate attention. For example, a slight drip on a water pipe will only worsen if it is left unchecked. A slow drizzle can turn into a streaming spray in a hurry. Whenever water is continually drenching foundation boards, the lumber will weaken, deteriorate, and ultimately break. The act typically threatens the integrity of the structure, leaves floors saggy or spongy, causes cracks to form in drywall, and even prevents doors and windows from opening or closing properly.

Additionally, many pests are drawn to a place with an ample amount of moisture. Termites, roaches, and other nuisances may decide to colonize under your home with the extra water being present. Of course, this problem is an entirely different dilemma altogether, and the property owner often has to bring in a professional exterminator to eliminate the pests. Not all plumbing incidents are avoidable, but allowing one of our technicians to inspect your system will prevent many of them from occurring. So, give us a call and start protecting your investment today.


Don’t Forget The Water Heater


Water heaters are typically installed in basements, garages, or attics. They are out of sight, and unless the unit is leaking all over the house, homeowners don’t always examine their location, but the water flex connections are notorious for becoming corroded and leaking, so inspecting the water heater is vital to keeping the home damage-free. Plus, each unit comes equipped with a pressure relief valve, which allows water that is too hot to escape, rather than letting the heater explode and cause significant destruction. These devices are supposed to be changed out annually, but unfortunately, people do not always know, and they fail to schedule service.


Inspecting Toilets And Faucets Can Be Beneficial Too


A running toilet, dripping kitchen sink faucet, or even a leaking hose bibb can leave the water bill doubled or tripled. Inspecting the plumbing system allows flappers, washers, and other parts to get replaced before small issues become big, and the action prevent utility expenses from skyrocketing. The plumber utilizes the water meter, dye testing, and different techniques to find and fix the problems promptly.

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