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As 2015 rolls away, 2016 rolls in.  There are many different resolutions that people will make for the upcoming year.  The most popular being resolutions of weight loss or getting into better shape, but there are also resolutions to improve one’s finances, quit bad habits, and even find a better job.

Statistics say that 1 in 3 people will stop trying to achieve their goals by the end of January. Some might be too busy to work on the goals, while some might just decide that the goal was really too difficult to achieve in the first place.

Resolving To Improve

What about home improvement resolutions? Yes, there are actually people who make it a goal to finally do some remodeling to their homes in the upcoming year. It might be something as simple as saying “This year, we are installing a hot tub in our basement,” but it might be as grand as saying “This year, we will put in that half-bath once and for all!”  Of course, you might even find resolutions as simple as the mother who is tired of washing dishes by hand and vows to get a dishwasher this year, or the father who knows that a bigger hot water tank is a necessity as his family now includes 2 teenagers who won’t leave the shower in the morning!

Whatever you choose this year as your home improvement resolution, we at Cardigan can help.

Our master plumbers can help with installing that hot tub, dishwasher, half bath, and the new hot water heater.  Our designers can help with the style of your new kitchen, bathroom, or flooring.  We not only have the materials to make your home improvements, from tiles to cabinets,  but we have the experience and knowledge of making your home look as gorgeous as you imagine it can look.

Give us a call to help you make your 2016 the best home-improvement year yet.  We’ll help you be a part of the 8% who will actually stick with and accomplish their goals this year!

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