Home renovation

Floored by New Floors – Remodeling Your Home

So you’ve picked out the appliances that you’ve always wanted for your new, remodeled kitchen. You love the new garden tub that you picked out for your updated bathroom. And the cabinets in both areas are exquisite. Now comes the daunting task of picking out just the right flooring to pull it all together. A Functional Option in the Kitchen Since your kitchen is going to get a whole lot of use and heavy traffic, laminate flooring is always a great option. BeforeRead More

Ceramic Tiles Takes Center Stage

When we think of tile, we often think of flooring. In recent years, tile has moved up in the world; literally. Look at pictures of modern kitchens and you’ll see tiles used on the on the backsplash behind the kitchen sink, above the countertops, or on the wall behind the stove. Some people even use it on the kitchen island. In the bathroom, tile is used in the shower stall, accents on walls, and even in accessories like soap dishes. Tiles can beRead More

Home Improvement Resolutions

As 2015 rolls away, 2016 rolls in.  There are many different resolutions that people will make for the upcoming year.  The most popular being resolutions of weight loss or getting into better shape, but there are also resolutions to improve one’s finances, quit bad habits, and even find a better job. Statistics say that 1 in 3 people will stop trying to achieve their goals by the end of January. Some might be too busy to work on the goals, while some mightRead More