Home Upgrades That Have The Most Value

Contractors Near You - Home Upgrades That Have The Most Value

If you’re wondering whether there are contractors near you that can help upgrade your home, before you start looking for one, you should think carefully about exactly what kind of home upgrades you want.

This is especially true if you’re on a limited budget and are trying to restrict your upgrades to those that will add more value to your home and its sales potential in the future.

Here are some home improvement ideas that will give your residence a boost in value, price, and even sales appeal.

Home Upgrade Idea: Kitchen Island Counter

If you live in an old home that hasn’t been renovated in quite some time, it shouldn’t be a surprise if there’s no island counter. Comparatively speaking, homes have gone for generations without one, but in modern kitchen design, the island counter is a staple and a sign of “design currency.”

Without an island counter, your house has less available workspace, and frequently, the counter is used for family meals.

Installing one gives you and other family members additional personal usage and utility in addition to increasing the value of your home.

Add Accessibility Features

Adding accessibility features to your home may involve numerous potential changes, such as lowering the height of cabinets and counters to make them more wheelchair-friendly or adding grip handles and walk-in features to a bathroom to enable the elderly or people with disabilities to more easily access its fixtures.

While it’s great to consider it, this home improvement idea depends greatly on your own usage needs. You may also want to consider this if you aim to sell your home to a specific demographic.

Accessibility features extend the time people can stay in their homes, avoiding the need to relocate to specialized housing. Whether you or those in your community are aging or face mobility challenges, these features enhance the feasibility of aging in place.

Additionally, if you plan to cater to seniors or people with disabilities, having these features installed can significantly enhance the appeal of your home within these demographics.

Add A Half Bath

In a home designed for family living, one of the biggest issues is multiple family members needing to use the bathroom at the same time. This usually happens when there isn’t a master’s bathroom, and multiple people may need to use the toilet, brush their teeth, or shower and groom their hair before leaving the house.

One of the best home additions your family can make is a half-bath. An extra bathroom, which is desperately required during busy hours of the day, can even serve as a bathroom for guests.

This is especially useful if the bathroom is on the first floor since it saves guests from having to go upstairs to use the restroom.

Home upgrades could improve your quality of life and even add value to your property. If you’re looking for contractors near you who can help with a home improvement project you have in mind, look no further. Contact us today.