Hot Kitchen Trends for 2018

Hot Kitchen Trends for 2018

Renovating or remodeling your kitchen can prove to be a big undertaking for any homeowner. Before going big, you should really think about what your kitchen goals are and what you are hoping a renovation or remodel will accomplish.

Do you simply need to freshen or update the space or are you in need of a total revamp? With these big decisions, you will find the price tag matches the expectations. Therefore, before spending money on your kitchen this year, there are a few trends to watch out for that may influence your design decisions.

Kitchen Trends


Saying Goodbye to the Whitewashed Look


While all white, crisp, and clean kitchens have been popular in years past, we are moving into the future of design with bolder and more vibrant colors in mind. Many people are resorting to two-toned kitchens. This design trend is often seen in more modern homes and adopts a brighter and more interesting color palette. Navy, grays, and darker greens are a few of the more popular color choices this year.


Embracing a Contemporary Matte Look


Gone are the days of glossy color and appliances. Now we are seeing matte black finishes taking a front seat in design. From the kitchen island to the appliances, homeowners are looking for a more matte black finish to add a bit more sophistication and elegance to the space.

Pairing these matte black accents and finishes with glossed countertops or backsplashes is a fun way to add a more contemporary touch to these updated spaces.


Bye Bye Farmhouse


While the farmhouse looks and farmhouse sinks were widely popular, we are now seeing the desire for simplicity. Undermounted sinks are making a comeback, and this is partly due to the convenience and durability of these kinds of sinks over the aesthetics of the farmhouse sinks of the past.

If you are ready to embrace a new look and want more information on these or other kitchen trends, then contact us at Cardigan today so we can get you closer to the kitchen design of your dreams.