How Can A Bathroom Remodel Improve Your Home?

How Can A Bathroom Remodel Improve Your Home?

Working with professionals is one of the best ways to get good results with a home improvement project. So if you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, talking to a bathroom remodel contractor is the way to go. But beyond trying to get a home ready for resale with some fixes, here are some of the big benefits that you, as a homeowner, can experience from a bathroom remodel if you’re doing it for yourself and not to increase your investment.

More Energy Efficiency

This is especially true for older homes. If a bathroom has not been improved in several years—and especially several decades—then a bathroom remodel contractor is one way to ultimately keep your water bills down every month. This is because improvements in both plumbing and water fixtures over the years have greatly increased water usage efficiency. High-efficiency toilets, for example, use less water per flush than older toilets.

The same is true for showers, sinks, and even plumbing. With newer water-using fixtures or repairs to leaky pipes, homeowners can enjoy lower bills on the water every month after a bathroom upgrade project.

More Functionality

Sometimes, especially for residents who are getting on in years or changing their lifestyle, one of the best ways to improve a home is to get more out of what it can do. In the bathroom, this added functionality can come in a number of ways. For example, if you remain at home even after the children have moved out, maybe it’s time to change the main bathroom in the house, and remove the traditional bathtub and shower stall, instead opting for a luxury whirlpool bathtub.

Alternatively, you may feel it’s time to be more environmentally friendly and stop using so much toilet paper. Getting new toilets installed with a bidet function means being able to clean up after toilet use in a comfortable, efficient way that greatly reduces your reliance on toilet paper while providing an even cleaner experience.

dded Safety

Older bathrooms may have, either through accidents, poor craftsmanship, or the passage of time, become less safe to use. Uneven flooring on a slippery tile floor, for example, can greatly increase the risk of a slip and fall that could result in serious injury. Lead-based paint could be causing chronic conditions due to daily exposure and intake of lead. Even mold inhalation can lead to health problems if the spores are inhaled daily.

By going through a considered bathroom remodel improvement project, these potential risks can be eliminated from a bathroom. Added safety features can also be included, especially for those entering their senior years, such as handle grips in the toilet and shower areas, or even walk-in tubs, and other features that reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling for those with mobility issues, while still providing a convenient, even luxurious experience at home.

If you’re planning a bathroom home improvement project and want to ensure you work with a professional, experienced bathroom remodel contractor, contact us today. We’ll be happy to look at your project and come up with a plan of action to make it come true with the budget you have.