How Do You Choose A Bathtub?

How Do You Choose A Bathtub?

Remodeling a bathroom is definitely a good idea if you’re moving into a home that hasn’t been renovated in a few decades, or you’re just thinking it’s time for a change in your current residence. But one of the big choices that you’re looking at with a bathroom remodel is the tub itself.

If you’re looking to remodel the biggest bathroom in your home, the tub is going to be a part of that process, and that gives you an opportunity to now “go big” in way that can really change your bathroom experience. But then the question becomes, what kind of bathroom experience do you want?

The Standard Configuration

For the majority of homes, the combination of bathtub and shower stall is the normal arrangement. This consists usually of a 3 wall alcove set up, where the bathtub is at the end of the bathroom, occupying the entire space. It’s efficient, and it definitely gets the job done, but is not an especially luxurious option. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a nice bath with this normal set up, just that it is the standard experience you’re probably familiar with.

The Luxury Options

If enjoying a bath is a major focus for you, then perhaps it’s time for something more. The more elegant, old fashioned options, for example, called for a traditional claw foot tub. However, for something more modern, a very popular option these days is for a larger, dedicated undermount tub. These can be raised, or if your home allows it, installed directly into the floor, so you can step down into it. These tubs can also sport Jacuzzi like features, such as water jets, colored lights for chromatherapy, and even speakers to pipe in music.

It all depends on just what kind of bathing experience you’re looking for, and how important it is to you. For a clearer picture on what you should be considering, talk to us here at Cardigan Kitchens & Baths to find the perfect bath tub for your home and needs.