How Do You Color Coordinate Cabinets?

How Do You Color Coordinate Cabinets?

Getting contractor cabinets for your home is a great way to improve the appearance of or add value to your kitchen. But getting the right look for cabinets is important. Because of how large they can be, they tend to be considered significant features and can visually dominate the space. Here’s how to pick the right color for cabinets if you’re thinking of getting them during a kitchen remodel.

Choose A Palette

Your kitchen is going to consist of many different colors, such as that of the counter, the walls, and the cabinets. It’s always better to coordinate these by using an overall color plan rather than just picking individual colors and hoping they don’t clash. The materials to be painted will also contribute to the final outcome as certain surfaces like wood or stone dramatically alter the look of an area.

Coordinate With The Counter

Your selection of counter is going to complement your color choice for cabinets. Whether you’re keeping your current counter or getting a new one with your contractor cabinets, a certain cabinet color will only work if you keep your counter in mind.

You have options here in terms of color coordination. Contrast, for example, can work just as well as complementing if you want a more striking visual look, but this takes planning.

Don’t Forget Accessories

The accessories and equipment in your kitchen also play a role in how your cabinets look. For instance, if you have a modern kitchen with a lot of brushed steel, the highly reflective surfaces of different appliances may affect your final cabinet color selection.

Remember: you can always talk to your remodeler about how you want to approach the colors. If you want a preview, you can have computer models or simulations done to see how your kitchen will look once everything is finished.