How Do You Select Your Cabinet Color?

Contractor Cabinets - How Do You Select Your Cabinet Color?

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, the cabinets are often one of the most significant investments people make in for this room. Depending on how extravagant you go, the cabinets alone can run tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re working with professionals to get contractor cabinets installed, you want to make sure you get the most from this expenditure. Color is one area that makes the biggest visible difference.

It’s The Dominant Element

No other single appliance or structure takes up as much space in the kitchen as the cabinets. So in that sense, they are much like a “wall,” and like a wall, whatever color you choose to give your cabinets will be the dominant color of the room. In other words, you’d better choose this color carefully, because your cabinets will be making this the primary color of the kitchen for the years you use it.

One mistake a lot of people make is in thinking that visual harmony means a uniform color. While it’s true that you want to have a single color for your cabinets, you don’t necessarily want that same color for everything else.

Harmony In Diversity

The most visually pleasing kitchens are ones that use complementary colors. This means choosing one set of colors for the cabinets while choosing another that harmoniously contrasts the cabinet color selection. What these color complements end up being depends on the feel you want for your kitchen. Some people prefer a warm, energetic look, while others prefer something cooler and more tranquil.

Your style of kitchen often plays a role in color selection as well. A more traditional or even rustic style will mean warmer or even earthy colors. More modern looks may call for lighter, whiter or brighter spaces. Choose carefully and talk to experts about the right color for your contractor cabinets.