How Does Kitchen Backsplash Add Value?

How Does Kitchen Backsplash Add Value?

A kitchen backsplash really adds style and personality to a kitchen. They’re not just a style piece, however. They serve an important function in protecting your walls from splashes and spills while you’re preparing food or washing the dishes, prolonging the life and the look of your clean kitchen remodel while adding some pizazz at the same time.

When a homeowner opts for a kitchen remodel, one of the driving factors in the decision is usually “will this add value to my home?” This could refer to aesthetic value, or really luring in prospective buyers with an eye-catching statement piece if they’re trying to sell the home. It could also refer to monetary value, or an investment in your remodel you’ll recoup when you find that perfect buyer. When asking how does a kitchen backsplash add value, there are multiple answers to choose from.

According to Better Homes & Gardens, adding a kitchen backsplash does add monetary value to your home. When asking “Does kitchen backsplash add value and how much?” the answer isn’t as simple. The materials you choose to invest in for your backsplash, the size of your backsplash, and how trend-savvy the backsplash is will determine the value being added to your fresh kitchen space. A backsplash made using higher end materials will typically add more value to the home, and in the same vein, you’ll want to choose a style that is modern and trendy but also timeless and aesthetically neutral.

By investing in a professionally installed kitchen backsplash in neutral tones and an updated style you’ll be investing in the monetary value of your kitchen as well as the curb appeal for potential buyers down the line. As prospects come in for a tour of your home, a neutral style will draw the eye to the kitchen while giving them the power to imagine the backsplash alongside their own style or décor choices.

As you work alongside your professional remodel designer, consider what a backsplash can add to the function of your kitchen, the value of your remodel, and the aesthetic of the space if you plan to sell down the line. Your remodeling team will be able to realize your vision for the perfect valuable kitchen backsplash.