How Long Does It Take To Install Cabinets In New Construction?

Cabinet Installation: How Long Does It Take In New Construction?

One of the most exciting parts of a renovation is the installation of cabinets. You start to see your dream space take shape once this part of the process is done. However, this step can be tricky.

It requires a lot of calculations and construction to ensure a professional finish. So, how long does it take to install cabinets in new construction? It all depends on the design and the installation team.

Professionals Install Cabinets Fast

When planning your cabinet installation timeline, you must first understand the difference between DIY and hiring professionals. While DIY might seem cost-effective, it often leads to extended timelines, wasted materials, and unexpected adjustments, resulting in higher overall costs.

On the other hand, professionals have the experience to ensure efficiency and accuracy, guaranteeing a fast and high-quality installation. Hiring a professional team to install cabinets is always quicker than doing it yourself.

Cabinet Installation Timeline

If you’ve never worked with a professional to install cabinets, here’s what a typical timeline looks like:

    1. Talk to a designer: Kick things off by discussing your vision and needs with a professional designer who can bring it to life.
    2. Get measurements: Take measurements of your space to ensure your new cabinets will fit perfectly.
    3. Collaborate on the design: Work closely with your designer to refine the final details of how your cabinets will look.
    4. Order cabinets: Once you’ve finalized the design, it’s time to order the cabinets. This can take weeks as they will be crafted to your specifications.
    5. Schedule the installation: Schedule installation as soon as the cabinets arrive.
    6. Installation: Professional cabinet contractors install your cabinets.
    7. Final inspection: After installation, a final professional inspection is conducted to ensure everything is perfect and meets your expectations.

Overall, the entire process of designing and installing cabinets in new construction can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the specific circumstances of the project.

Key Factors Influencing Your Cabinet Installation Schedule

Several key factors can influence the timeline of your cabinet installation:

    Room Size: Larger rooms require more time than smaller spaces.
    Cabinetry Features: Cabinets with elevated features like built-in lighting, lazy Susan corner cabinets, or drawer organizers take longer to make than standard cabinets.
    Design Approval: The speed at which you finalize and approve your cabinet design can significantly affect the project timeline.
    Customization Level: Custom cabinets require more time for design and manufacturing than stock options.
    Supplier Availability: The availability of your chosen cabinets from suppliers can vary, impacting delivery times.
    Contractor Schedule: The availability of your installation contractor can also influence when the installation begins and finishes.

Knowing these factors will help you set expectations and plan your cabinet installation accordingly.

At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, our team offers full transparency on your cabinet installation timeline. We’ll keep you in the loop with updates from suppliers, builders, and contractors.

Further, with our long-standing relationships and installation expertise, we ensure the fastest possible cabinet installation. So, how long does it take to install cabinets in new construction? Less time when you work with us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths.