How Long Does It Take To Install Cabinets?

cabinet installation contractors - How Long Does It Take To Install Cabinets?

When you’re remodeling a kitchen—even if you’ve yet to move into a home—the completion date is very important. As the heart of the home for meal preparation, you need a fully functioning kitchen, unless you plan to eat out all the time. Cabinets are an important part of this room, so how long does it take for cabinet installation contractors to complete this part of the job?

Deciding Factors

There will be a few things that determine the length of time it will take to install cabinets in a kitchen. One is the amount of physical space the cabinets will take up. A larger kitchen, with more cabinets required, will obviously take more time to complete than a smaller, more compact kitchen with fewer cabinets.

Another factor, however, will be your ability to stick to a plan. Making any changes, especially at the last minute, will affect your kitchen completion timeline. This is especially true with cabinets. Once you’ve settled on the material and dimensions, any changes to this will be drastic. One way to ensure that things go smoothly is to go with standard-sized cabinets, rather than custom sizes. Doing anything with custom work always increases completion time since now, dimensions must be made-to-order. When you choose standard sizes, these can more quickly be produced.

The Installation Date

If all is well, the average time to installation for cabinet installation contractors is between 2-3 days. This is quite brief compared to the overall time of a typical kitchen remodel, which usually averages between 6-8 weeks total.

To ensure a smooth experience when getting a kitchen remodel, always plan your cabinets carefully, and get the job done by experienced cabinet installation contractors. If you’re looking for someone to help with this, talk to us and let us guide you through what the remodeling experience will be like.