How Long Will Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Remodeling Take?

Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling: How Long Will It Take?

Deciding to get some bathroom and kitchen remodeling done is a great way to improve your daily home life, but it can also increase your home’s property value and sales appeal. However, one thing homeowners need to remember when considering this is that bathroom and kitchen remodeling takes time. This isn’t a matter of hours or even days but weeks.

So how much time should you be expected to commit to if you go the bathroom and kitchen remodeling route?

The Bathroom

If you’re only remodeling one bathroom, this will take a shorter time. If the assumption is that this is a major bathroom remodeling, with new floor tile, new tub and shower, new sink, vanity counter, toilet, ventilation, and other changes, then the average remodeling time is about 23 days or just over three weeks.

However, that’s assuming that work is done every day, with no breaks. If we factor in weekends and the odd delay here and there, the real average completion time for a single bathroom is typically about four and ½ weeks. Of course, if it’s a larger project, such as a big master bathroom, or multiple bathrooms, it takes longer.

The Kitchen

Unsurprisingly, the kitchen being a much bigger, more elaborate room, will take far more time. If we assume that this is an extensive remodeling, with new floor tile, new cabinets, appliances, and countertops, or even tearing down walls for open concept and installing a kitchen island, then a kitchen of average size may take about 6-8 weeks. Larger kitchens may take a total of 10-12 weeks.

However, with pragmatic consideration for delays such as products being on backorder, availability schedule of specific subcontractors, and not working weekends, a kitchen remodel may take between 3-5 months.

If you’re ready to do some bathroom and kitchen remodeling and want professional results from an experienced company, contact us today.