How Long Will Your Kitchen Remodeling Take?

Kitchen Remodeling Companies: How Long Will It Take?

If you’re thinking of a major home renovation project like kitchen remodeling, the best way to get the results you want is to work with experienced kitchen remodeling companies. Unlike a single problem, such as a leaky pipe, or a wiring problem, kitchens involve work from various disciplines, including plumbing, electrical, and even natural gas pipelines.

All of this requires experience and coordination, which is something that professional kitchen remodeling companies can provide. However, the one thing a homeowner must be prepared to sacrifice in addition to money is time.

There Are No Shortcuts

If a homeowner wants a proper, quality job done on a major kitchen project, then the kitchen remodeling companies involved will be professional, diligent, and not cut corners. This means that the job can take several weeks to complete. But exactly how long it takes to remodel a kitchen is dependent on multiple factors.


How comprehensive a kitchen remodel is will be a big determining factor. For example, if the owners are happy with the cabinets and counters and only want some new appliances and flooring, that may be a comparatively short remodeling experience.

On the other hand, if the entire kitchen is demolished to ensure new cabinets and counters are properly measured and installed, this is an entirely new construction project from the ground up. This is especially true if it’s an older home and the electrical wiring isn’t compliant with current building codes, or the plumbing is so old it still has lead and should be replaced with modern, safer water and drainage pipes.


Another primary factor is the size of the kitchen itself. A smaller kitchen in a cottage or bungalow home takes up less space, therefore, requires less work. However, a large kitchen in a sizable home may take up a few hundred square feet, and if it needs new cabinets and tile floors, then the amounts required will increase the workload.
It should be a surprise to no one that the bigger a kitchen is, the more time will be required to remodel it properly. It should also be expected that larger kitchens will also incur a higher financial investment to commit to in addition to more time.

Waiting It Out

For the average-sized kitchen in the USA, the typical estimate for an extensive kitchen remodel is about 6-8 weeks. For people who are moving into a previously owned home and would like the kitchen work done before settling in. People who live in the house and want the remodeling done for themselves to enjoy a new, up-to-date kitchen, which means making do with kitchen substitutes in the meantime and living around the work being done.

However, larger kitchens with much more extensive work can take anywhere from 3-5 months. In some cases, that’s too long for new home buyers to wait before moving in, and for people residents, this may involve much more inconvenience over a longer period.

Make sure to talk to the kitchen remodeling companies involved about an accurate estimate for completion time and allow for the possibility that the required time may increase.