How Many Bathrooms Should Be In A Home?

Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland: How Many Bathrooms?

During more extreme situations, such as throwing a big party in your home, there’s no such thing as having too many bathrooms. But for everyday life, a home where every other door opens into a bathroom is a big waste of space that could go toward other needs, such as a home office, guest room, or home theater. If you’re doing bathroom remodeling in Maryland, you may be thinking that it will gain more convenience and value for your home if you add more bathrooms, and you’re probably right. But there’s a limit on just how useful this addition can be.

The Three/Two Rule

Of course, one thing to keep in mind, which is subject to change depending on personal need, is the general rule of bathroom usage for homes. Prevailing residential wisdom states that there should be at least two bathrooms for every three bedrooms in a house. However, it’s not unusual for some homes for one bathroom to be directly connected to the master bedroom, leaving the other bathroom for the remainder of the family.

However, student housing and hosting services such as AirBnB favor a “one bathroom for every room” model for people thinking more about profitability. This way, no one’s privacy is invaded, and such homes tend to get far more attention from people looking for paid stays.

The Types

There are also different kinds of bathrooms to consider when looking at bathroom remodeling in Maryland. In general, three classes of bathrooms can be incorporated into a home, depending on the needs.

Family Bathroom

This is found in the vast majority of homes, and often there is more than one. A family bathroom fulfills all the functions a bathroom may need, such as having a toilet, a sink, often in a vanity counter, and a bathtub and/or shower stall. This bathroom allows people to do everything they need, from relieving themselves to cleaning to personal grooming.

Smaller or even larger versions of family bathrooms are often also directly attached to master bedrooms. Thus, the parents in a home have a bathroom that they don’t have to share with children but can still do all their required activities.

Half Bathroom

This bathroom, also known as a “water closet,” to some, eliminates any bathing functionality and usually consists of only a toilet and a sink with a small counter if any. This is one of the most popular additions for bathroom remodeling in Maryland because it adds another toilet, which is often a bigger priority for most homes than an additional bathtub or shower. In addition, with family bathrooms on the upper floors of multi-story homes, a half bathroom on the ground floors is perfect for visitors.

Accessibility Bathroom

These are bathrooms modified to allow people with mobility issues, such as using wheelchairs or walkers, to be still able to use a bathroom unassisted. For any home trying to meet the needs of the elderly or disabled, this is an essential bathroom remodel to maintain quality of life and independence.

How many of these bathrooms you need in your home is a matter of your kind of residential situation.