How Many Cabinets Do You Need?

cabinet installation contractors  How Many Cabinets Do You Need?

Cabinets are, in some ways, the heart of a kitchen. They dominate the majority of the visual field in a kitchen. Still, they also hold pots, pans, food, and even smaller appliances, making them essential storage spaces. It’s for these reasons that you should always talk to experienced cabinet installation contracts if you’re thinking of getting new cabinets. But how do you figure out how much cabinet space your kitchen will need?

On The Small Side

Size is everything with kitchens and cabinets, so what size kitchen you have will be the significant determining factor for everything else, including how many cabinets you’ll have. For example, if your kitchen’s total square footage is less than 150, you should be thinking about cabinet size in the range of 13′ for base cabinets and 12′ of wall cabinets, and about 11′ of countertop.

This will still provide a lot of storage space while ensuring that you have enough room to move around unim-peded.

Going Big With Cabinet Installation Contractors

If your kitchen exceeds 150 square feet, you need to scale up. At least 16′ of base cabinets is a good start, with 15.5′ for your wall cabinets and a larger countertop space of about 16.5′. The larger size of your kitchen affords you more square footage in which to play around with.

Of course, the important thing to remember is that these are guidelines. It would help if you always talked to professional cabinet installation contractors about which size of cabinets will be optimized for your kitchen’s exact dimensions.

The ultimate arbiter of how many cabinets you need will be your own preferred kitchen work methods. Suppose you have many smaller appliances, like blenders, food processors, or even an Instant Pot or air fryer. In that case, you may want additional dedicated cabinet space for storing these appliances when not in use.