How Much Does A Small Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Average Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom: What To Expect?

A small bathroom is a great thing to have in any home. Full bathrooms are necessary for any homeowner who wants to take a bath, shower, and other preparations in the morning or evening, such as brushing teeth, or even applying makeup or getting hair just right. However, for other activities, such as quickly using the toilet, washing hands before a meal, or other sanitary activities, a small bathroom is sufficient to meet these needs. If you have a small bathroom, you may be thinking it’s time to update it and make it look more modern, but what’s the average cost to remodel a small bathroom?

Every Home Is Unique

Of course, while there’s an average cost to remodel a small bathroom, the final price tag will be for you, as a homeowner, will vary from one property to the next. Not all homes are alike, so the same is true for the small bathrooms in them.

However, as a good ballpark figure from which to start planning, here are a few numbers people can play with. For most homes, assume that the cost will be about $150 per square foot, although this goes higher or lower depending on the quality of fixtures you want to use. The average cost to remodel a small bathroom typically runs about $6500 for most homeowners.

Where The Changes Come In

Of course, that final price tag will vary a lot, depending on several factors. The most prominent one affecting the final costs are:


Not all small bathrooms are the same size. Some may be large enough to include a modest shower stall, for example. In contrast, others are just barely big enough to provide clearance for a sink and a toilet. Small bathrooms with more square footage will require more floor tiles; it’s just math at work.


Some homeowners will want a small bathroom that still feels luxurious and splurge for more expensive floor tiles, buy new, high-quality toilets, or other features. Other homeowners may be more frugal and worry more about functionality and keeping budgets down. The level of quality you’re willing to invest in materials and fixtures also plays a role.

The Scale

How much of a small bathroom needs to be remodeled will also play a big role in the final budget. If you’re happy, for example, with the current floor tile, then switching out a new sink or toilet will alone will have a lower cost. On the other hand, if you want to change everything and even add a shower stall where there wasn’t one before, it can considerably bump up the cost. Any decision that involves building new plumbing and drainage, for example, will always raise the price significantly.

Talk To Professionals

Of course, one of the best ways to save money on any remodel is to do the labor yourself. But if you want professional results, especially where plumbing and wiring issues are in play, then talk to experienced professionals about remodeling your home.