How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

Crofton Remodeling Bathroom - How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re renovating your home, Crofton bathroom remodeling prices are usually much lower than the cost of a full kitchen remodeling. But how much lower? As with many things, the final amount for Crofton bathroom remodeling prices depends on a few factors.


This is the biggest determining factor. A full bathroom will, on average, cost between $10-15000; much of this depends on the size of the bathroom and whether you are investing in something functional or going for more premium, luxury items.

On the other hand, a “half-bath” or “guest bathroom” that only includes a sink and toilet can run between $5-10000, again, depending on the size of the space and additional fixtures like wanting a shower as well. Average fixtures and quality will give an average cost.


This is where Crofton bathroom remodeling prices can inflate dramatically. The choice of materials runs the gamut from cheap, poor-quality materials to high-end luxury items. Even an average-sized bathroom can increase its total cost to $25000—often the average cost of an entire kitchen remodel—if homeowners are excessive about materials.

Infrastructure Alterations

This is another major factor. If homeowners are happy with the current bathtub, toilet, or sink locations,then many savings are earned by using the existing plumbing and building alongside it. However, if homeowners want to move water fixtures around or even tear down walls to make a bathroom bigger and then rearrange the position of sinks and toilets, all of this is a big bump in costs.

The same is true if a small half-bath is being built, but it is nowhere near an existing water and drainage pipe. The work can still be done, but now there is an extra cost of building those plumbing connections back to the existing infrastructure. Any major changes to plumbing and other home framework entails a higher price for remodeling.