How Much Should You Spend On Cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinets Contractors: How Much Should You Spend On Cabinets?

People who are remodeling their kitchen are investing in one of the most expensive rooms in a home. It’s quite normal for a kitchen renovation to run in the tens of thousands of dollars, and quite often, bringing in the kitchen cabinets contractors is a major part of this expense.

So how much should kitchen cabinets cost? They are the most visible part of the kitchen but also perform essential storage functions. What’s an appropriate investment in this part of your kitchen when talking to kitchen cabinets contractors?

The Biggest Expenses

Some premium kitchen renovations can total to $80,000 or more! While most kitchens will not go to this level, there are a lot of considerations to enter into the equation. One of the biggest expenses for a kitchen remodel is, unsurprisingly, the labor. The specialization, knowledge, and tools designed to get the job done can account for about 35% of your total renovation cost.

However, the single biggest expense you spend on the kitchen itself is the cabinets. On average, the cabinets should take up no more than about 35-40% of the total cost of your remodel when talking to kitchen cabinets contractors.

Being Smart With Your Dollars

There are several ways to save on the final costs of your cabinets. The most obvious is not to get a custom cabinet job. In many cases, stock cabinets will come in the sizes and configurations you need to give your kitchen the coverage you want, so unless you have a very unconventionally sized and structured kitchen, mass-produced cabinets are not only adequate but a much cheaper solution.

Another area you can save is on the cabinet doors and surfaces. Plainer, less ornate designs, for example, will cost less, as does the choice of materials. Different surfaces will have other costs, so this is a matter of balancing the look you want with the price these choices will come to.