How Much To Budget For Your Remodel: Small Bathroom Cost Planning

How Much To Budget For Your Remodel: Small Bathroom Cost Planning

If you’re tired of your outdated bathroom, it’s time for an upgrade. With Maryland’s older homes, bathroom renovations are more tricky than other room remodels, which also means they are more costly.

To start planning your bathroom update, you’ll need to understand how to budget for the renovation. Many factors, like materials, labor, and permits, could influence your small bathroom cost planning.

What Are The Costs Of A Small Bathroom Remodel?

Here’s a breakdown of the anticipated costs to consider for your bathroom renovation, depending on your project’s scope:

Fixture Costs:

    ● Toilet/Bidet
    ● Light Fixtures
    ● Sink
    ● Sink Faucet
    ● Shower Head/Bathtub Faucet
    ● Bathtub/Shower Pan
    ● Towel Racks and Hooks
    ● Ventilation Fan
    ● Drains
    ● Mirror

Material Costs:

    ● Wall Tile
    ● Flooring
    ● Vanity Material
    ● Countertop Material
    ● Grout and Caulk
    ● Paint or Wallpaper
    ● Shower or Bathtub Surround
    ● Cabinet Hardware

Construction Costs:

    ● Permitting
    ● Demolition
    ● Plumbing
    ● Electrical
    ● Flooring Installation
    ● Tile Setting
    ● Vanity and Countertop Installation
    ● Drywall Installation and Finishing
    ● Painting or Wallpapering
    ● Trim and Finish Carpentry
    ● Cleanup and Debris Removal

The cost of your bathroom renovation will depend on your design. Once you have one, you will know which of the costs apply. From there, you can determine your budget.

Calculating Your Small Bathroom Cost

To calculate your small bathroom renovation cost, list all the fixtures, materials, and construction tasks you plan to include. Next, research average prices for each item and service in your area to create a detailed budget.

Remember to add a contingency fund, typically 10-20% of your budget, to cover unexpected expenses. Finally, compare your estimated costs with your available budget to adjust your plans as needed, ensuring a realistic and manageable project scope.

The easiest way to determine a budget for your small bathroom renovation is to talk to a professional designer. Designers know how much your bathroom renovation will typically cost and how to get the most value out of every dollar you are planning to spend.

If you need help with your small bathroom cost planning, contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today. With over 40 years of experience in Maryland, our design team knows how to make your dream bathroom a reality.