How Much Value Does A Kitchen Remodel Add?

Crofton Kitchen - How Much Value Does A Kitchen Remodel Add?

For some, remodeling their Crofton kitchen is not an opportunity to make their dream of getting the kitchen they’ve always wanted come true but a chance to get more value from the property. This may be because they’re investors thinking of getting into house flipping, which involves fixing up homes and putting them up for sale. It may also be because they’re homeowners who are looking to sell, and they want to get the most out of their property sale.

Remodeling your Crofton kitchen will increase your property’s value, but only if you act sensibly

Respect Your Math

Above all else, be strict with your budget. If you are remodeling a kitchen solely to raise property value, then cost-efficiency is the most important factor. Trying to increase your property value will do you no good if you end up spending more on the remodeling process than you would have earned if you hadn’t touched the kitchen in the first place.

One general rule of thumb for kitchen remodeling is that you shouldn’t be spending more than 15% of the current total value of the home. For people who are strictly looking at profit potential, this is a safe guideline to follow.

Avoid Exotic Changes

You may not be a fan of trendy, fashionable design choices, but those are your safest bet for resale. Making economic choices that are in line with modern tastes raises your odds of a sale over making less common, more exotic remodeling choices.

For example, installing a beautiful yet high-maintenance countertop surface may look good, but that may scare off home buyers once they realize they’ll need to renovate in order to make the kitchen more convenient to use. Always remember to remodel for a potential buyer, not for yourself, and contact us when you’re ready to begin.