How Much Will Your Bathroom Remodel Cost?

How Much Will Your Bathroom Remodel Cost?One of the most expensive projects you can invest in for a home remodeling project is a kitchen. However, while not quite up to the same level of expenditure, a bathroom can also be a significant cost for your home improvement budget. Just how much are you looking at for a full bathroom remodel cost?

Smaller Use Of Funds

The average kitchen remodel is over $25000, usually about $27000+, although depending on the scope of the work and size of the kitchen, this can drop to as little as $4000 or exceed $100,000. Location also plays a role, as kitchens in coastal cities tend to cost more than their interior counterparts.

Those variables affecting the price of kitchens play a similar role in bathrooms, although at a smaller scale. Bathrooms don’t have the same potential size as a kitchen, nor do they have the same numerous appliances that need to be accounted for, like stove ranges and refrigerators.

However, like kitchens, bathrooms must be resistant to water, even more than kitchens, and they also require major fixed plumbing elements like a sink, toilet, bathtub, and/or shower stall. These all require quality parts and quality installation to provide years of worry-free operation.

Figuring Your Needs

If you’re looking at a full bathroom remodel, the average cost is about half that of a kitchen, typically between $10000-$12000, although, like with kitchens, this cost can go up or down depending on factors like your location, and scope of the work. One of the biggest expenditures regarding a full bathroom remodel cost is the plumbing, especially if the job requires brand-new plumbing.

For example, one of the most popular types of full bathroom remodels is adding a new bathroom to a home, often a “half-bath” with just a toilet and sink, sometimes a small shower stall as well. This usually means selecting a new area in the home and then locating the current water and drainage pipe network and creating new pipelines that connect with the existing framework.

Depending on the distance between the new bathroom to the nearest water and drainage pipes, this cost can be significant. This is a stark contrast to remodeling an existing bathroom where the homeowners are satisfied with the current location of bathtubs, toilets, and sinks and don’t require any new plumbing to be built.

Being Smart

The plumbing issue aside, most other factors are much lower in cost. Selecting new toilets, tubs, shower stalls, cabinets, or flooring all fall within a certain range. However, if your remodel is for accessibility purposes, this can also bump up the cost.

Accessibility remodeling brings a higher tier of expense because it needs to accommodate more elaborate, specific needs. A walk-in bathtub, or shower, for example, for an elderly resident with mobility issues, or someone disabled, brings a new set of costs, and this applies to the other fixtures in the bathroom as well, like the bathroom and sink, which all need special work done to allow a resident to continue to remain in a home with these special needs.

If you’re evaluating a full bathroom remodel cost, and want some professional advice, contact us today.