How to Add Texture and Interest to Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Cost: What Can Add Interest To Your Kitchen?

When creating your custom kitchen, you will soon discover that the details, even the smallest, matter the most. You may not think that texture adds much interest to the space, but you will be surprised to learn that something as small as a cabinet detail can add interest and personality without complicating your kitchen remodeling cost.

Textured Surfaces

Textured surfaces are a good touch for any kitchen upgrade. Natural materials like granite and wood countertops add value and a unique look. They can also add a lot of rustic charm if that is the style you are trying to achieve. Combining textured surfaces and natural elements with something like acrylic stools can be the contrast you need for your countertop or island.

Statement Wall

You can also add additional texture easily with a statement wall. It adds interest to the kitchen and is easily incorporated into almost any design. If you have exposed stonework, even better! If not, try textured wallpaper on one wall to add depth, faux brickwork, or wood panels for a rustic appeal without spending too much of your budget.

Combine Textures

Texture doesn’t always mean it has to be a rough surface. Combine sleek and modern finishes for a more contemporary aesthetic. You can bring fresh flowers, greenery, and wood accents that add warmth.

The Importance of Texture in Kitchen Design

When you use the right textured elements in your kitchen remodel, you create a layered look that combines all the other kitchen elements. Texture creates patterns that bring contrast and interest to the room. Texture-designed backsplash tiles can create a unique focal point that serves as the central interest and can bring the eye to your brand-new cabinets.

If you don’t want to go crazy with texture, you can also implement it in small doses throughout the renovation. You can do this with the cabinet doorknobs and drawer pulls you choose, the lighting fixtures, and the sink.

If you are ready to add some visual interest as you update your kitchen without upping your kitchen remodeling cost, call in the experts at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths. We can help you design your dream kitchen that is sure to attract the eyes of each visitor you have. It will be a balanced space you enjoy spending time in without being too overwhelming or overpowering.