How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Contractor: How To Choose The Right Kitchen CabinetsCabinets are a standard in every kitchen, but how different homeowners use that storage space is where all the individuality comes in. If you’re working with a cabinet contractor to upgrade your kitchen cabinets or even start over fresh, here’s how you should select your new cabinets.

Look At Your Storage Needs

First and foremost, you should try to understand your personal preferences and needs for storage. Some homeowners, for example, will emphasize keeping dry goods, like grains, jarred preserves, and others so that a pantry-like solution may be more appropriate.

Others, however, may favor a lot of gadgets in the kitchen like air fryers, Instant Pots, mixers, food processors, and others. This means that portable appliance storage is necessary to keep these things out of the way when they’re not needed, and you don’t want to occupy valuable counter space that could go toward food preparation.


This is incredibly important, especially if the cabinet is for your personal use. It’s always better to choose cabinets and cabinet placement that are optimized to the height of the kitchen users. If you move into a home where the cabinets are spaced for someone just a little over six feet tall, and you’re not anywhere close to that, repositioning the cabinet to a height more appropriate for you is essential.

Cabinets sized and positioned to your ideal working height are an absolute must.

Drawers Or Cabinets

A growing trend in cabinet selection is sacrificing some of the cabinet space for drawer space. Drawers add extra usability to open cabinet space. Being able to pull out and push in things can maximize how much you’re willing and able to store in the rear since it’s now more accessible.
Drawers can also occupy multiple levels in a cabinet, taking more advantage of the storage space available higher up, similar to what shelves can do.

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