How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling: Choosing The Right Lighting

The right lighting for your bathroom and kitchen remodeling project really comes down to your budget, the layout of the rooms, and the kind of light fixtures you have or want. Here is our brief guide on choosing the right lighting for your kitchen and bathroom.

The Best Lighting for a Bathroom

There are plenty of opportunities for bathroom lighting. Vanity lighting, for example, is a priority because this lighting is in an area where you need illumination when grooming, such as when shaving or doing makeup. Bad lighting can cast shadows over your face, making grooming more difficult.

If you can’t install side lighting on your vanity, you should have a light fixture over the mirror that sits 75 to 80 inches above the floor. The lighting should also be around 150 watts.

Ambient and recessed lighting are great substitutes for natural lighting. Chandeliers or pendant lamps may be good options depending on the size of the bathroom. These lighting fixtures have a soft glow that washes over the entire bathroom. A recessed light is a fixture that can serve as the base layer of light for the bathroom that you build on.

Dimmer lights are also great for a bathroom and give the homeowner complete control over their lighting. It is also a great way to set the mood for a relaxing soak in the tub. Most dimmers today will work on almost every kind of light source.

The Best Lighting for a Kitchen

There are different lighting options for the kitchen that have their own purpose. You need to find the right mix of these lighting options to work most efficiently. Ambient lighting in the kitchen can be used in addition to natural lighting and can fill in the shadows.

Flush mount ceiling lights are typically dome-shaped and are useful for small to medium-sized kitchen areas. You can use warm or white bulbs in these fixtures. Recessed lights help you maintain a sleek and modern look because they can be concealed. For a medium-sized kitchen, you should have three to six recessed lights.

Finally, there is task lighting. Some ambient lighting options cast shadows. For areas like the countertops, under cabinetry, or around the stove area, you want lights that are good for full illumination.

There are many things to check off the list when bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Let the Cardigan Kitchens and Baths experts help you design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.