How To Deal With Frozen Pipes

Crofton Plumbing - How To Deal With Frozen Pipes

It doesn’t often happen, which is one reason why some people are so unprepared for it, but one of the most surprising and inconvenient things that can happen to your Crofton plumbing is to have the pipes freeze. Most of the time, this isn’t an issue, but during cold snaps, particularly if you have pipes close to an exterior wall, a big enough temperature drop can cause the water in the pipes to freeze.

What do you do when you turn on the water and realize nothing’s coming out? Here are a few tips for how to handle the situation.

Use A Hairdryer

Hot air is the most reliable way to get water flowing in a frozen pipe. If you can locate the general area where the pipe has frozen and stick a hairdryer in the space, a few minutes of this is usually enough to warm the pipe and melt just enough of the ice to get the water flowing again.

Under no circumstances should you use an open flame! Unfortunately, there are many horror stories around the USA of people trying to unfreeze a pipe by using a blowtorch and causing a fire in their own home. Don’t let this be you!

Insulate Your Pipes With Crofton Plumbing

A hairdryer is a good emergency measure to restore water flow, but here are preventive solutions. If you know it will be cold overnight, one temporary solution is to open the crawlspace or cabinets where the pipes may be so warm air from the home circulates to the line.

However, the most effective professional solution is to have some professionals insulate your Crofton plumbing. With adequately protected pipes, you’ll never have to worry about frozen pipes again. This is a feature that can help add some value and sales appeal to your property.

If you’re interested, talk to a plumber about insulating your Crofton plumbing in preparation for the next winter.