How To Pick A Kitchen Floor

Crofton Remodeling Company: How To Pick A New Floor

Working with a Crofton remodeling company on a kitchen upgrade is one of the best ways to ensure a quality job that will last for the lifetime of your home. But a kitchen remodel means making many decisions, and one choice that often goes overlooked because of the high profile nature of cabinets is the kitchen floor itself.

The kitchen floor is the workhorse of the entire room. While the look can be important in defining the room’s overall aesthetics, you want a quality installation by a reliable Crofton remodeling company, so you can always depend on it. Here are some of the key decision points you should be making when planning your kitchen floor.


While most people will probably think about the look of the floor first, the strategic factor to consider first is the amount of maintenance required. Hardwood, for example, can be used as a kitchen floor, the same as it can in any other room of the house. However, this is both an expensive option and will require more care, maintenance, and expense over the years if you’re serious about maintaining its gorgeous look and don’t want it to become shabby and degrade.

A vinyl floor may not carry the same warmth but is also practically a “one and done” in terms of installation and then only wiping up the occasional spill to keep it in good condition.


Not everyone is planning to spend decades raising a family and living in the same home. On the other hand, many people are. Others may be planning to spend the rest of their lives in a home but also want to change the look once in a while to keep up with the times.

Different materials will have different lifetimes that react at specific rates to the typical risks of a kitchen. Spilled fluids, dropped items like pots, glasses, and other objects, and exposure to hot temperatures such as from dropped boiling water or food are all potential hazards. If you have specific needs, such as many animals, or accident-prone children, consider this carefully when looking at the durability of your kitchen floor.

Of course, the kitchen floor is just one factor in a kitchen remodel, and not even the most expensive one. That title typically goes to the cabinets. So the price of a kitchen floor must be carefully considered along with the other factors. It’s possible to get something that meets the essentials of your need for a kitchen floor, even if it doesn’t fully satisfy all of them.

For example, some vinyl selections are much cheaper than a hardwood floor but can create the appearance of hardwood in a kitchen. Going this route means you still get the warmth and color of hardwood at a lower price and without the high maintenance required for a genuine hardwood floor.

The look is important but often one of the less influential factors in deciding on a kitchen floor. However, it’s always a good idea to ensure the floor is properly installed by an experienced Crofton remodeling company for the best results.