How To Pick A Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Renovations - How To Pick The Best Kitchen Sink

One of the most important components of any kitchen is the sink. It may be used to wash food or both food and dishes, but it’s indispensable as a ready source of water in the kitchen. And it’s not just the faucet that’s important; the sink is too. Here’s how to pick the right one for your kitchen renovations to ensure you get a true upgrade.

Single Or Double?

One of the first things to think about when upgrading a kitchen sink is whether to have a single large sink or divide it into two partitioned areas. There are pros and cons to both, as some people prefer having a large space for food washing and preparation, while others would like to separate different foods with barriers.

It’s also possible to get unevenly divided sinks, with one larger main sink and a smaller, narrower secondary sink.


Another element of the sink is the faucet itself. While many people are familiar with traditional kitchen faucets, they are now also available in “pull-out” versions, where the top can be removed, revealing a long tube from which water continues to feed.

This means the faucet itself is now like a handheld shower head, able to move the water into different areas. Some people may prefer this for washing food and dishes, though it adds to the overall total cost of the faucet. This also depends entirely on home preferences.

It’s Up To You

Ultimately, whether your kitchen sink works for you or not comes down to whether you understand your kitchen working preferences. The types of food you commonly cook, how you wash them, your partitioning preferences, and even whether you choose hand-washed dishes can all factor in what kind of sink best suits your kitchen needs.

If you’re considering getting kitchen renovations and want good results from experienced, licensed professionals, contact us today, and let us help.