How To Pick A Remodeler You Can Trust

How To Pick A Remodeler You Can Trust

For many people, buying a home is going to be the largest expenditure ever made, so a home is not just a place to live in, it can be an investment that yields a return sometime later. One way to grow this investment is to leave a home in better condition than when you first took over the property, and renovating that home with bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies is one of the most dramatic ways to do this.

Of course, increasing the value of a property only works if the renovation is an improvement. That means picking only quality bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies to work on your home, and here’s how you can make a safe choice.


There can be compelling reasons to go with a brand new remodeling company if, for example, the people involved have already “paid their dues” working in other bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies. Even in those cases of a new company, however, it’s only the company name that is new; the people have plenty of experience.

This is something you should always look at when thinking about the considerable investment remodeling kitchens and bathrooms entails. There are a lot of different factors in these rooms, from plumbing to electrical, to flooring where many things can go wrong. Inexperience increases the odds that mistakes will be made, so only consider bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies with people that have put in the time and have the experience.


A renovation is a major investment, and while there may be unexpected contingencies, such as the discovery of termites, for example, if there are no major surprises, an estimate should be a good guideline for planning on how much to spend. Good bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies will have the experience to assess the rooms, look at the work involved, the desired countertops or cabinetry, and come up with an accurate estimate of how much this will cost.

If there are no major emergencies or unexpected, unpleasant surprises, but a company keeps revising its initial estimate, so you are paying more and more, that’s not a business you want to work with. Look for companies that have a reputation of providing an accurate estimate and sticking closely to it. Don’t fall into the trap of being told your investment will cost a certain amount, only to find out later you need to pour more money into it for no justifiable emergency reason.

Plumbing Expertise

Probably one of the most important things you should look for specifically on kitchen and bathroom remodeling is a company that knows plumbing. Tearing down a wall, or adding some extra electrical outlets to a new room in a home is one thing.

The logistics of a toilet, bathtub, shower, or new sink for kitchens and bathrooms, however, requires extensive plumbing knowledge and experience. This is especially true if the plan is to relocate sinks, toilets or showers to a new location.

If you want the kind of confidence that comes from working with an experienced, reliable remodeler, talk to us. We have both the plumbing and remodeling expertise to do the job you need.