How To Plan For Bathroom Cabinets

Crofton Bathroom Cabinets: How To Plan For Them

If you’re remodeling your Crofton bathroom cabinets, this is a decision you need to think about carefully. It’s always a good idea to do so, but, like kitchen cabinets, there are specific considerations you need to make as you look at your cabinet options. You should be thinking about:


Bathroom cabinets are, unlike kitchen cabinets, not necessarily the most expensive purchase for the room. However, like kitchen cabinets, they come in a variety of different grades of quality. Cheaper, assemble-it-yourself cabinets may run a few hundred dollars, while high-end custom cabinets can cost thousands. Set the cabinet budget at a comfortable level since this is unlikely to be the priority for your bathroom.


This is important, especially if you’re making a change to your lifestyle. Having a new partner or spouse move into the home or adding children changes the dynamic of bathroom use. The same is true if you’ve decided you want to spend more time in your bathroom and enjoy a spa-like experience. How the bathroom will be used and how many people will use it play significant roles in cabinetry selection. You may need more drawer space for appliances like hair curlers, blow dryers, hair clippers or trimmers, and other accessories.


A final consideration is the amount of space you’re willing to sacrifice for bathroom cabinetry. Small bathrooms, such as a single floor water closet style bathroom, may only have room for a single vanity cabinet. Larger bathrooms give you the option of two or more separate cabinets or a large continuous joined cabinet, depending on your preferences.


This is the final consideration for your Crofton bathroom cabinets, but it often can be the most time-consuming. Finding the look you’re happy with will influence the final appearance of your bathroom, but you have to balance that perfect look with what’s in your budget. Think carefully as you balance these factors.